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London Borough of Harrow – Dog Home Boarding Licence No. LN/WK000675819

At Debbies Doggies
We Love Dogs.

Home from home – providing dog day care, overnight boarding & dog walking for your furry best friends

Welcome to Debbies Doggies of Harrow

Debbies Doggies provides friendly and personal pets services you can trust.
We specialise in:

– Dog Walking
– Dog Day Care (includes puppy socialisation with other dogs)
– Dog Boarding (Day, Overnight & Holidays)
– Animal Feeding

in the Harrow and surrounding areas.

My name is Debbie Morgan, I have owned Debbie’s Doggies for fourteen years and I have been a dog owner all my life. I do all the dog walking & dog day care and home boarding myself, working in Harrow and the surrounding areas. I choose not to farm out my services so clients know exactly who will be personally responsible for their pets.

I am an experienced dog owner and have my own beautiful chihuahuas. My home has a very calm, warm atmosphere and the garden is very secure with CCTV in operation so that you can have peace of mind, your dog is in a safe environment and is looked after and cared for as if they were my own.

We provide a bespoke home from home service for your furry babies, taking note of any special needs or dietary requirements. I am a fully licenced premises and I worked with and was recommended by Harrods Pet Kingdom when they were situated inside Harrods Store. I was also mentored by the vet Mr Colin Poole B.Vet.Med.,M.R.C.V.S at Northwick Veterinary Surgery for 10 years and I am also highly recommended by the vet/owner Cathy Siddle B.V.M&S.,M.R.C.V.S at Arden House Animal Hospital in Ruislip. Iam fully insured with public liability and care and control insurance.

Please have a look around my site and do feel free to contact me with any queries and questions you might have. I welcome enquiries and I offer a free initial phone consultation service to get to know you and your pets, before any arrangements are made.

(I ask that all dogs are fully vaccinated and that boosters are up to date. Your dog should have also been wormed and had a flea treatment in the last 4 weeks before their stay. I do not board unneutered males over the age of eight months. I also do not board females that are in season, or due to come into season).

Debbies Doggies provides a fully licenced and insured service to clients
– Dog Walking and Dog Day Care  in Harrow & surrounding areas,
(Our Day Care Service includes puppy socialisation with other dogs)
Dog Boarding in Harrow (Day, Overnight & Holidays)
& Animal Feeding in Harrow and surrounding areas.
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Give us a call to discuss your dogs care requirements

0208 427 1057
07860 450650


We advise all clients to only ever leave their much loved pets in the care of licenced dog care services.

Your dogs deserve the very best care.

Licence no. LN/WK000675819

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

Pet Kingdom - when situated in Harrods of London


Pet Kingdom – when situated in Harrods of London
Cathy Siddle B.V.M&S.,M.R.C.V.S Vet/Owner of the Arden House Animal Hospital


Cathy Siddle B.V.M&S.,M.R.C.V.S Vet/Owner of the Arden House Animal Hospital
Full Public Liability, Care & Control Insurance Cover


Full Public Liability, Care & Control Insurance Cover
Mr Poole B.Vet.Med.,M.R.C.V.S Northwick Veterinary Centre


Mr Poole B.Vet.Med.,M.R.C.V.S Northwick Veterinary Centre
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Katie Mcnicholas
Katie Mcnicholas
I can’t recommend Debbie highly enough and Reggie definitely loves Debbie too! He gets so excited when we walk up to her house and can’t wait to get in and play with his doggy pals, when I pick him up he never wants to leave with me! Debbie has been a life saver for me and my partner who both have work commitments that mean we can’t always be at home with him. I can go to work with peace of mind that Reggie is in the best hands and is loving life at Debbie’s. Reggie has been going to Debbie’s since he was 5 months old and I accredit his sociable personality to his time spent with other dogs and puppies at Debbie’s. Thank you so much Debbie for always being so flexible and accommodating and for helping Reggie become such a lovely dog!
Nicola Talbot
Nicola Talbot
Home away from home I’ve been in contact with Debbie even before Tonka came home to us, she has always been a guiding hand helping us bring up a well rounded pup. When we take Tonka to daycare she is so excited she races up to the door without a goodbye which speaks to how much the dogs love being in her care. Debbie is always flexible to our needs and has built a structured daycare so Tonka can be her high energy puppy self but also learn how to rest even when things are exciting. Debbie always puts the dogs safety and happiness first, I’m always confident knowing Tonka is being well cared for.
Luke Thompson
Luke Thompson
Pawfect Daycare I started taking Milo to Debbie at around 6 months and he's still going now at nearly a year old - it's the highlight of his week and he gets so excited when he realises where we're going! Debbie is friendly and knowledgeable, with a secure, safe environment. She often has several puppies there, and I think it's really helped Milo with his socialisation and anxiety (particularly since he was a lockdown puppy). He's now able to let me work from home productively, but I continue to take him to meet his friends and have some variety in his week. All of the dogs love Debbie and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone!
Rosie M
Rosie M
Debbie is great & we can’t recommend her enough. She’s been helping our Cavapoo Puppy Cooper in his socialisation with other dogs in a safe and secure way, and to say he loves going there would be an understatement! She took him for a week when we went on holiday back in July and we saw such an improvement in his training when we picked him up. We love seeing him grow in confidence & Debbie has great knowledge and is always happy to give advice. We’re so happy that we’re able to send Cooper to spend time with her & the other lovely dogs.
Dipen Ormsby (ex)
Dipen Ormsby (ex)
Debbies Doggies are by far the best dog walking, doggy daycare and training provider in Harrow. Debbie is genuinly caring about her dogs, takes the job incredibly seriously and delivers results. Our dog is 1 year old and he LOVES his walks with Debbie, staying over at her house and has drastically improved his training through Debbie. Thank you for being so awesome for our baby boy Mighty!
Vaishali Patel
Vaishali Patel
We are so glad we came across Debbie when searching for daycare for our new puppy, Spud. We wanted Spud to be socialised with other dogs early on and he absolutely loves it (so much so, that he often doesn't want to come home!). Debbie is caring and considerate, and has been extremely flexible. She has a wealth of experience with dogs and has also been able to provide training and great tips.
Pia Sinha
Pia Sinha
Debbies Doggies has been fantastic for both my puppy and myself. Like many others I got my puppy during lockdown. Getting puppies to socialise with other dogs during this time is so challenging and bringing my puppy to Debbie has transformed the quality of my puppies life! He was quite scared and unconfident around other dogs but spending the day with Debbie and other dogs in her care has really helped him socialise. He LOVES his day there and pulls on his lead as soon as he is near her house! He loves Debbie - who I call my ‘dog whisperer’. She clearly knows her stuff and has given me invaluable tips to help navigate the early weeks and months of having a puppy. Everything we do with our puppies now, makes a massive difference to the type of dog they become later. Thanks to Debbie and her doggies, I can see Murphy developing into a lovely, secure and confidant dog. It’s also great for when I start working away from home again as getting him used to being away from me, helps him deal with separation anxiety. I cannot thank and recommend Debbie highly enough. Thank you!!
adeel ajmal
adeel ajmal
Left puppy for one day so he can socialise with other dogs. When picked him (15 mins earlier than scheduled ) he was at garden. Not sure with her dogs or his own and how long he spent there. But when we came home my puppy didn't want to go to home garden at all. Took me 3 days to make him feel comfortable at home garden. Won't leave my dog again.
Darrin UK
Darrin UK
Debbie is just brilliant. From her professional approach to her love of dogs, she’s one of the go-to canine carers. When our regular doggy day-carer was unavailable, we turned to her to look after Blair, our Westie, and were instantly impressed.. I’d have no hesitation in recommending in recommending Debbie to look after Blair again and whether you are looking for dog walking, day care or for overnight doggy B&B, she’s a real find. Top marks.
We were looking for local dog boarding as our children have (finally!) left home and not able to look after Arnie and Fritz when we are away. Cathy Siddle - our vet for many many years who knows the dogs told us about Debbie. Cannot recommend Debbie too highly - Debbie really knows dogs - and looked after our two as well as we would have ourselves at home. They were eager to return! Debbie is fully licensed and insured and is 100% reliable and professional. If you love your dogs - please place them with someone you can trust - and if you are looking in the Harrow area - look no further!



All dogs must be in good health and have up to date/complete vaccinations.
(For young puppies, daycare should only be booked after two weeks following final vaccinations).


All bitches should ideally be neutured/spayed, but if not, owners will be asked to confirm that bitches are not aproaching nor in season.
(Owners have full responsiblilty for bitches sexual status and any risks when mixing with other dogs).

Dogs should ideally be neutured/castrated after 8 months of age, for entry into daycare.